Our company  provides high-value consultancy in suspension, chassis and associated components, specialist care, servicing, adjustment and fine-tuning.

Our skills are continuously refined in the pit lane and preparation shop but we aim to provide a service affordable to all.

Motorsport Services

  • Track car preparation and inspection
  • Brakes and cooling upgrades
  • Chassis development

Suspension & Chassis Services

  • Suspension set-up - Kit car build / Fast Road / TrackDay / Race
  • Suspension / Chassis Analysis and Consultancy
  • Bespoke Antiroll bars, Springs and Dampers

Workshop Services

  • Turning, milling, Tig and Mig, welding
  • Glassfibre and Carbon repairs
  • Chassis welding and repairs
  • Wishbone manufacture


  • Suspension Design
  • remote design consultancy by email / post / phone
  • Chassis layout
  • Offsite design/development for Kitcar manufacturers


Racedyne is a very sophisticated computer programme that accurately predicts the potential lap times of your racing car via the suspension design, vehicle weights, engine power, gears and aerodynamic profile.               

By changing these parameters, a reduction of laptime can be assessed and vehicle improvements made consistent with the new parameters.

The cost of the service is outweighed by implementing these amazingly effective changes immediately, without any guesswork and expensive, time consuming, track testing.

This consultancy is provided in partnership with GSD Ltd and is an upgraded version of the previous system.


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